I know I’m a little late on this post, but it was so hard for me to disconnect this past week. With the election, neuro exam, work emails and texts, SNA emails, my online class, or just needing my phone by me in case my kids needed me or something happened to them, I wasn’t able to find a time to disconnect for too long. This morning I was able to finally take a little reprieve from technology while at my daughter’s playoff soccer game. I was able to pay attention 100 percent. I also had wonderful interactions with family that was there with us. We cheered for her, my son hugged on me, and we even chatted and threw a football around after the game. It was wonderful to have that interaction and human touch. After that, we stopped by my parents’ house and I didn’t take my phone in. It was nice to visit with my nephew, sister, and parents without feeling the need to look down at my phone for any reason.

I definitely think that we miss out on so much going on around us when we looking down at our phones or typing away on our computers or watching mindless television. I want to practice disconnecting and being more present with the human beings who are there in front of me. Thank you for this assignment, it takes something like this to shake my world up a bit and take a look at something in a different way.

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